: IMK Working Paper

The series IMK Working Paper serves as publication platform for research papers that are additionally submitted to peer-reviewed academic journals. The IMK Working papers are published irregularly - usually in English. They are an online-only publication and are listed in "Research Papers in Eonomics" (RePEc). The series is registered under the ISSN number: 1861-2199.

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: IMK Report (mostly in german)

The IMK Report provides concise analyses of current economic developments and economic policy. The IMK also publishes its economic forecasts in this series. Recent topics include an international comparison of labour costs as well as an analysis of employment dynamics across business cycles. The series has the ISSN number: 1861-3683. They usually appear in German, but some Reports are translated to English, and English abstracts are always available.

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: IMK Study

IMK Studies is the publication series for expertises and detailed analyses. The studies are released irregularly in the relevant language on the IMK's web site. An example is an expertise for the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology on the estimation of potential output. The publication with the ISSN number 1861-2180 is listed in "Research Papers in Eonomics" (RePEc).

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: IMK Policy Brief

The IMK Policy Brief series offers expertise on a number of issues that are being discussed currently. They reflect various activities of the IMK, ranging from testifying at official parliament hearings to internal discussions. They are published in different languages depending on the context.

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